Our Story


Hi I'm Casey, the founder of Earth to Goodness, which I created as an expression of my vegan, cruelty free, and sustainable beliefs. 

Four years ago I began my vegan journey, which turned into a toxic-free journey, which turned into a research everything journey! I discovered there is an alternative to every product I have ever purchased where no animals were harmed, no people were harmed, and of course, Mother Earth was not harmed.  Earth to Goodness is a way for me to share that knowledge through the gift of giving. 

I certainly understand that life is full, and finding brands that share the core values of veganism and sustainability without compromising quality or ethics can be challenging and time consuming, which is why I have done the hard work for you! All products have been handpicked by me, one fussy little greenie, so you can be sure every product is natural, vegan, cruelty free, and earth-friendly!

My family and I are far from perfect, but we try to adopt a less impactful life and reduce the amount of waste that can accumulate each day by either reusing or recycling all items in our household. I wanted to continue that practice with my online store. Earth to Goodness boxes can be reused, recycled, as well as being 100% compostable – no plastic packaging! 

We are busy beavering behind the scenes, where I personally hand pick each product to ensure it aligns with our core values. The gift boxes and products we bring to you will grow as Earth to Goodness grows. 

Casey x

Giving back

My dream is to inspire people to make more conscious choices, with the understanding that you can still have nice things without harming animals. Animals are some of the most vulnerable beings on the planet, which is why Earth to Goodness is proud to support the wonderful work over at Moo to Ewe Animal Sanctuary by donating $2 from every purchase made. 

Moo to Ewe is a family run Sanctuary who have dedicated their lives to saving animals and created a home for rescued animals including cows, pigs, sheep, alpacas, goats, ducks, rosters, hens, and wildlife. Moo to Ewe’s mission is to provide a forever home for orphaned farmed animals and allow them the freedom to live out their existence in their own unique way. 

You can further support Moo to Ewe by booking in a tour where you will meet all the amazing animals. Please visit https://www.mootoewe.org/ for more information.