Oh hey there and welcome to Earth to Goodness - the place where you can find that perfect gift that won’t cost the planet!

Earth to Goodness exists because I, Casey, understand one thing very clearly. And that is you love gifting others meaningful gifts, but you want to reduce your impact on the planet and shop more consciously at the same time - and you want to know the gifts you are choosing share your core values of sustainability without compromising on quality and ethics. 

And more than that? You want to support brands that care about all of Earth’s beings, humans and animals alike.

Founded in 2021 by little old me, Earth to Goodness started from a desire to help others make more compassionate and conscious choices when looking for gifts, and now serves a community of people wanting the exact same thing! 

I started my vegan journey over four years ago, which turned into a toxic-free journey, which then turned into a ‘research everything’ journey! I spent A LOT of time reflecting on my shopping habits and how these habits impacted on the lives of animals, our health, and our planet. I discovered there was kind and ethically considered alternative to every product on the market. I also acknowledge that people will always buy gifts, so my mission is to make sure those gifts are respectful to our planet while providing joy to others. And Earth to Goodness is a way for me to express what I have learned on my journey through the gift of giving. 

I am very busy beavering behind the scenes, where I personally hand pick each product to ensure it aligns with the Earth to Goodness values. The gift boxes and products I bring to you will grow as Earth to Goodness grows.  

Casey x

Giving back

The products and gifts you will find here at Earth to Goodness are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and earth-friendly, and with each purchase $2 is donated directly to the wonderful work over at Moo to Ewe Farmed Animal Sanctuary located on the NSW Central Coast.

Moo to Ewe is a family run Sanctuary who have dedicated their lives to saving animals and created a home for rescued animals including cows, pigs, sheep, alpacas, goats, ducks, rosters, hens, and wildlife. Moo to Ewe’s mission is to provide a forever home for orphaned farmed animals and allow them the freedom to live out their existence in their own unique way. You can further support Moo to Ewe by booking in a tour where you will meet all the amazing animals. Please visit https://www.mootoewe.org/ for more information.

You can further support Moo to Ewe by booking in a tour where you will meet all the amazing animals. Please visit https://www.mootoewe.org/ for more information.