Earth to Goodness is Part of the Solution 

Earth to Goodness is focused on building better communities, better business frameworks, and better universal consciousness. It is about connectivity, aiming to make a difference to the lives of others, and in turn improve our connection to our home. I will choose ethics over profit, always. Mother Earths inhabitants, animals and people alike, are my number one priority. I want to inspire change and provide education that positively benefits all. 

Earth to Goodness is 100% vegan and cruelty free, we aim to contribute to zero waste, our mentality is reduce, rescue, recycle, hence our products and packaging are sustainable and environmentally aware.

Authenticity and Transparency 

A good relationship is based on trust. If Earth to Goodness wants to contribute to real change, I recognise a need for us to be open and honest. I seek to inspire change. I want my actions to speak louder than words. I aim to encourage you to hold me accountable. I believe in constructive feedback. This is how people learn and grow and this is how we, as a community, change minds. 

I see my  customers as my extended family and includes people I wish to inspire along their path of change. My aim is for genuine interactions with others through providing a personable customer experience and establishing long term relationships. I provide a helpful and caring service, I want to build loyalty, which is why I partner with like minded reputable organisations who provide high quality products.

Giving back

Advocating for animals and the planet underpins the very foundation of Earth to Goodness. Casey, founder and life force, has a respect and connection with animals and their well-being. She sees herself as a cornerstone in helping us all understand the nature of our relationships with animals. In essence, she aspires for Earth to Goodness to encourage us all to do the same, and to have a positive impact on the planet. 

Casey dedicates time and support to Moo to Ewe Farmed Animal Sanctuary located on the NSW Central Coast, who are a non-profit organisation seeking to increase the awareness of the plight that farmed animals endure. A percentage of Earth to Goodness profits is donated to the sanctuary to support their good works.